Immigration's a Big Deal

Even if we're not talking about refugees or the structure of Islam, the biggest part of the problem remains. Why aren't we asking whether the immigrants we are bringing in are good for America?, asks the Atlantic magazine.


raven said...

This is what I meant about Trump tossing the brick- this sort of article is a sea change. We can now, perhaps, talk about the previously forbidden.

Ymar Sakar said...

People on the internet have always been talking about what's been forbidden.

But they were considered crazies before. Trump doesn't particularly change that, rather when crazy people get the mainstream to recap the talking points, that's what changes the world. And the internet is a very large propaganda tool for changing the world once communities start colonizing segments of the place.

Texan99 said...

Why aren't we talking about whether it's good for us? Because our culture is confused right now about how to decide if something is right of wrong, and has latched onto a simple test: if something gives an advantage to the actor, the actor's motives must be corrupt. Eating? Selfish. Breathing? Global warming.