Up The Militia

The morning after a deadly attack on two military centers in Chattanooga, residents in Hiram are standing watch outside the local recruiting office with their personal firearms. It is their unique way of honoring the fallen Marines and they said to protect the lives of those who serve in the military.

“I teared up. I think any human being would be touched by what happened yesterday. Any U.S. citizen that has a heart and a soul to hear what had happened,” said Crystal Tewellow, who organized the watch.

Recruiting offices are designated as being “gun-free zones” which means officers working there cannot carry their sidearm into the building. Tewellow, whose son just enlisted and the army and has a brother who is a recruiter, felt compelled to organize the watch.

“To think the people who are supposed to protect and serve us are unable to protect and serve… protect themselves,” said Tewellow. “So if us, the citizens, who carry permits, are able to help protect them that’s, that’s what we’re gonna be able to do.”

News Radio 106.7′s Nathalie Pozo was at the recruitment center on Friday morning and reported that about 30 people answered the call to arms.
Good. And the idea of having lots of armed citizens everywhere makes sense. When you face a diffuse, widely-distributed threat, you need a diffuse, widely-distributed defense. You can’t do that with police and military because there aren’t enough of them. But you can do it with ordinary citizens. And there’s one group of responders that will always be on the scene of any attack — the citizens who are already there. If they’re able to respond, things are much better than if they’re not.
I suppose I'll start carrying a revolver again. I haven't regularly carried a gun for years, not since I came back from Iraq in 2009. But he's right. We need to be prepared at all times in all places. We need to harden the society again, as we did after 9/11. We have to show that these acts are without profit, that America is always and everywhere ready to respond. You don't see skyjacking attempts on American airliners anymore.


Anonymous said...

The Governor of OK has used her power as head of the Guard and ordered the Adjutant General to arm "certain full-time military personnel in military installations throughout Oklahoma with weapons he deems necessary 'to adequately provide for security of the facilities and their occupants'." http://www.tulsaworld.com/homepagelatest/fallin-authorizes-weapons-at-military-faciliteis-in-wake-of-chatanooga/article_577d2937-e39e-55c3-97ef-f5c8d71d41b9.html

Will be interesting to see if anyone complains that this is an attempt to override Federal control.


Grim said...

It isn't, since these are National Guardsmen, unless they are called into Federal service. He hasn't the authority to order USMC recruiters to be armed, though.

raven said...

Lets hope we don't get a coordinated pre-planned mass attack, like the Sepoy Rebellion or the Rwandan genocide-

Ymar Sakar said...

Will it be enough to stop the Demoncrats and their Leftist alliance?