Setting Up for Failure

Good luck with this latest grand jury decision.

I'll be out of the country for about two weeks. Let me know how it turns out.


MikeD said...

Remember back when I said, passing laws should be done with the full understanding that doing so means that someone, somewhere, will possibly die in the enforcement of said law? This author wrote more eloquently of this than I ever could:

Want to Limit the Use of Police Force? Limit the State

Eric Blair said...

Pretty much. Nobody learned anything from Prohibition, did they?

The heinous part of this that I read is that Deblasio actually ordered a 'crackdown' on the selling of 'loosies' a few weeks prior to the death of Mr. Garner.

MikeD said...

And for our friends on the Left who insist that "stupid Rethuglicans... trying to blame his death on taxes and not racism", I have to keep pointing out, they did not walk up to him at random and choke him to death. He would never have been looked at by the cops except that he was violating Deblasio's stupid edict.

RonF said...

It also turns out that the whole thing was directly supervised by their Sergeant - a black female.