Christmas Eve in Rural Georgia

The closest town to here is small enough that the Post Office doesn't deliver mail. It doesn't have a stop light, either, just a four-way stop in the middle of town. There are no extravagant displays, as the country about is rather poor, and much of the population is older as the young have chiefly had to move away to look for work.

It is small enough that the manager of the Post Office called me personally to tell me that we'd gotten a package, and I should get over there before they close to make sure we didn't miss having it for Christmas. We took her a basket with newly-potted plants, garnished with a candy cane.


Eric Blair said...

Sounds distinctly rural.

Merry Christmas.

Grim said...

And to you.

OldSoldier54 said...

Hey, Brother, I'm having email issues, so Here's a quick sitrep.

Work on my truck is proceeding, albeit very slowly. Pain in the butt.

I'll email whenever I can figure out what the issue is: hardware or software.

Anyway, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

ps - sounds like a small town, indeed. :)

Grim said...

Understand, '54. Take your time -- it looks like a slow roll, but the new year may bring new things.