Since someone already opened the table to Star Wars

There have been leaked (intentionally by Disney, or by an employee who cannot contain their enthusiasm/greed) from the new Star Wars workshops.  Here's my favorite:

That is a life sized Millennium Falcon cockpit.  Here's a shot of the rest of the construction to give a better idea of scale:

What this means is, they're building the ship as a physical object, not as a 3D computer environment.  Apparently, Disney heeded the numerous complaints from fans that the CGI was massively overused/overdone in the three prequels, and is going back to the roots of the franchise.  And clearly, they're putting real money into it, as something of this size is surely expensive.  Especially if (as it appears to be) this is going to be used as a backdrop as well as a shooting location.

As I said to my friend who linked this, this is exactly why I was pleased when I heard that Disney bought the rights from Lucas.


Grim said...

If Disney follows their usual model, they'll spin off several individual movies based around smaller characters who appeal to niche markets. How many of these characters involve the Falcon at some point in their careers?

It's a wise investment, really.

Ymar Sakar said...

CGI is too clean. There's not enough dust and pits.

Ymar Sakar said...

The worst is the White privilege of CGI's whiteness.

douglas said...

CGI isn't too 'clean'. It's too orderly. Simplify the idea- if you sketch a grid of lines, and your lines aren't straight or perfectly spaced, but there's the essence of a grid- where do I say there's an error? There isn't a specific error, though there are systematic errors. Now draw a perfectly straight grid of lines at perfect orthagonality, except one line is off by some miniscule amount. That single minor error looks like a huge sore thumb. CGI, as it has a need to reproduce complex thing in a simplified form, but still have them look complex sells it out to out keen ability to pattern-read.

Ymar Sakar said...

Order is white, hence a white man's privilege.