Big 'un

The ladder is eight feet tall, as is the top of the window frame.  I think this tree is about eleven feet tall:  twice my height.  My husband begged me to be more reasonable next year.


Grim said...

Reasonable? Never!

We had a big tree one year. I cut it off a mountainside with an axe. In that context it really didn't look very big, compared with the other trees. It was just when I realized that I couldn't carry it by myself that I knew it was going to be big.

Best tree we ever had. This year's tree is one I call the 'Outlaw Christmas Tree,' because it is very scraggly.

Grim said...

By the way -- "begged"? I have trouble believing that you'd settle for a man who'd beg. :)

I'm going to guess the truth is closer to, "My husband, with a sigh, made the gesture of a pro forma request that I try to be more reasonable next year."

E Hines said...

Reasonable? You mean more like the 6" cloth, stuffed tree that comes out on Christmas Eve and sits on our mantle for a couple of days?


Eric Hines

Texan99 said...

OK, "beg" was a figure of speech. He made a heartfelt request for my consideration of his point of view, suggesting hopefully that one experience of a really big tree might satisfy my tree cravings for several years. (But he knows that getting between me and a big Christmas tree is a little like getting between me and a dog that needs to be adopted.) A neighbor had to help him schlep it up the stairs: it was too heavy for the two of us together. The strange thing is, it didn't cost noticeably more than the size I usually get.

raven said...

That great high cathedral ceiling is
made to order for a large tree.