...And Then There's The Other Kind of Punks

InstaPundit, for some reason, has been sending a lot of linkage toward PUA sites who want to comment on General Petraeus. Now, military culture has a hard line against adultery for a reason. Nobody is under the impression that what he did was right.

Still, the commentary at these sites is just laughable. This is my favorite piece.
Mark Rosenthal remembers the first time he saw Jill Kelley and her identical twin in action. It was at a dinner party at then-Gen. David Petraeus' house, and he was appalled. "They took over the whole conversation," he said. While the man responsible for overseeing two wars nodded politely, Kelley and her sister, Natalie Khawam, talked nonstop about shopping and traveling. "To me it was out of line."

If the thousands of emails spent pursuing a younger woman who no longer saw him as useful to her wasn't enough, Petraus's behavior when confronted with a pair of aggressive social climbers seals the deal. The hard bright line separating ALPHA from BETA is how a man deals with female aggression....

An ALPHA would never have permitted those women to rudely dominate the conversation on trivial subjects that no one else cared about, regardless of whether he shut them up with a sly and witty comment or a direct confrontation.
That's right, boys. Commanding the 101st Airborne during the ride on Baghdad, or stripping off your body armor in an Iraqi market to show the people that they didn't have to be afraid of suicide bombers -- that's not the mark of a real man. Not like you guys.

No, as you have correctly understood, the way that you show that you're a real man is how you dominate the conversation at a dinner party.

In the future, you boys should maybe read what you write before you post it.


Cass said...

... the way that you show that you're a real man is how you dominate the conversation at a dinner party.

Real men understand what matters and what doesn't. They don't need to prove themselves by fighting inconsequential battles with weak "adversaries" over things most people who have lives wouldn't even notice.

And what is the deal with the ALL CAPS? Every time I read one of those idiotic diatribes, I wonder whether they realize how scared they sound? For some reason, I'm reminded of one of my favorite sayings.

You can't fix stupid.

Tom said...

Real men understand what matters and what doesn't.

Cass, I couldn't have said it better.

I doubt these boys would understand how absurd they sound if someone pointed it out to them. You really can't fix stupid.

William said...

What a nasty little echo chamber.

William sends.