A Wise Notion

The Guardian describes Dr. Terry Eagleton's new position on literary theory.  His old position was to declare that there was no quality or set of qualities that could define "literature."
Eagleton has not reneged on scepticism: he is just sceptical about it.
That strikes me as very wise.  There is nothing that should more stimulate us to be skeptical than skepticism.

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douglas said...

Indeed. Having just read a piece about the fear mongering of population control advocates and the real human damage they've caused, it occurs to me that the biggest problem of the left is that it isn't skeptical of it's skepticism often nor deeply enough. Population will 'explode' and resources will 'run out' causing masive global disaster? A new ice age is coming? Global warming will kill us all if we do nothing to control CO2 emissions? All over-hyped skepticisms of humanity and the environment not considered skeptically enough.