A Moment of Unity:

I don't think we've mentioned Atrios here for most of the decade he's been blogging -- looks like once in 2003 and once in 2005 -- but he was significant to the left side of the blogosphere at the beginning.  He's celebrating his ten year anniversary this week and, a few minor disagreements on tone aside, it's hard to take issue with him on this point.  If there has been a less insightful and more overrated writer in the major media than Tom Friedman, I can't think who he would be.

Happy birthday, Duncan Black.

While we're celebrating this moment of comity, is there anything at all to object to in the following segment?  The Breitbart boys are trying to blow it up, but generally I think there's a lot of sound advice in it.  You can put that down to broken clocks and twice a day, or to whatever else you like, but all things considered there's a serious issue at work here.

I saw Richard Cohen say today, of Paul Ryan's budget, that it was:
...an Ayn Randish document whose great virtue is a terrible honesty. (We are indeed going broke.)
If you think through the consequences of that, Mr. Farrakhan's warning has a different sound.  If we have reached the days when the bipartisan blinders can't keep out that fact any longer -- that fact and all the consequences for our society that it portends -- he might not be too far wrong.

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bthun said...

..."generally I think there's a lot of sound advice in it."

Omit the skin color reference in the leadership commentary and yeah...