Full Metal Jousting

Thought you all might find it interesting to know that the History Channel has a show about modernized jousting. I watched an episode last night and was impressed by the seriousness and skill demonstrated. The men were cute too.

Anytime something of the past can be preserved like this, it's a good thing.


Tom said...

Hate the name, but it looks like a lot of fun.

douglas said...

FMJ is just ending (and we did discuss it briefly here earlier). I watched a few shows, and the semi-finals and final, and it was pretty good. I think the way it was run was good, and the competitors by and large were the sort of man you could find yourself rooting for, and upheld the traditions of rigorous battle fought fairly and nobly. In the Semis, one competitor began a pass down the list and lost control of his lance and it was clear he'd never be able to place it on target, and his competitor could have taken essentially a free shot, but elected not to as it seemed unfair to him. He plainly desired a fair fight and wanted to win on good terms, not by any means available. In the end, the lack of the soap-opera storyline present in 'Knights of Mayhem' (NatGeo) left me much more a fan of FMJ.