Buy Danish

Buy Danish:

Although a bit late as often is the case, I'd like to join in supporting the "Defend Denmark" campaign. Gaijin Biker has his page here, Michelle Malkin has hers here. Ms. Malkin's has some useful links for places where you can actually, easily buy Danish goods.

I'd just like to remind everyone that one of Denmark's principle exports is lager beer. Carlsberg is fairly all right -- oddly enough, it's a beer that is readily available in parts of China, where I first encountered it. You can probably find it at beer specialists -- maybe not at your local grocery, although some places may have it even there. If you live somewhere where it's easy to get unusual imports, here is an article on other good Danish beers.

Of course, I doubt Carlsberg is suffering much from the Muslim boycott. The point, though, is to express support for the concept of freedom of speech, alliance with fellow Men of the West. I noted Lilek's war cry of yesterday: "Men of the West! We Stand Today for Glory and Freedom and Mead!"

Sounds good to me. Also beer.

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