Apparently our new governor here in Georgia is a Nazi. I find that somewhat surprising, as he was my congressman for several years and I don't recall him suggesting any legislation of the sort that I normally associate with National Socialists.

However, who am I to distrust the local Spanish-language newspaper?

Navarro said the picture represents the fear immigrants in Georgia feel with the arrival of Deal to the state’s top office, because of Deal’s strong anti-immigrant rhetoric during the last campaign.
The article (and photo) are here. Perhaps more interesting is the reactions page.
Those who promote and protect illegal Hispanic Roman Catholic immigration, pawns in the historic war between the Old Sectarian Order of “king and pope” and Our New Secular Order’s American Exceptionalism which in 1776 recognized Individual and the People’s sovereignty over false elite rule serving “the few,” who now invoke Hitler to disparage American patriots combating Rome’s organized invasion for conquest....
Um, it's a Papist plot? That's one I haven't heard before.

McQ (top link) notes the irony.
Navarro, who immigrated to the United States from Colombia, said he printed the picture knowing he didn’t have to fear retaliation from the governor because of the freedom of speech guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.
Yeah, that happened all the time in Nazi Germany Mr. Navarro, you ignorant jackwagon.
I would add something, but really, why?

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