The Roads Least Traveled

Linda Poon at CityLab reports that the GPS company Geotab did something cool. They analyzed their traffic data and produced an interactive map of the least-traveled roads in the US. Their links open up Google street views of each one.

Alaska, North and South Dakota, Montana, and Nevada have the top 10 stretches of road least-traveled, but there's something there for all of the states. Great pics of the 10 most scenic at the site.


Gringo said...

Interesting article. Of the 50 least traveled routes for each state, I have been on at least one. I thought I recognized the author's name. I was correct. Linda Poon wrote Venezuela’s Economic Success Fueled Its Electricity Crisis.
It was a very poorly written article. The premise was false, as Venezuela's economic growth during the 15 years of Chavismo before the price of oil crashed in 2014, was far below the average of other countries' economic growth. Per capita growth from 1998-2013: 15% Venezuela, 44% World.

Stick to scenic roads, Linda. They don't require any analytical skills.

Christopher B said...

I've been on US 50 but in Nevada. It's promoted by Nevada and the locals as America's loneliest road but I'm betting that's why it didn't make the list.