A Song of a Man Who Died Well

His name was Blaze Foley. He had a strange life; much of it he was homeless. Like many who could not maintain a home, he was unable to trust many, and unable to do the basic things that would have enabled his stability. He was important to the Outlaw music scene in Austin, Texas, but he never attained much success in his life.

All the same he died well. Few do, and perhaps there is nothing in life more worthy than a good death.


DL Sly said...

So, my apologies for posting on an old post, but I cannot find your email address and I just wanted to pass this along...for obvious reasons, of course. 0》;~]


Grim said...

Hey, Sly. It's grimbeornr (note the final 'r') at yahoo, although these days I frequently forget to check it for long periods of time. Thanks for the link.

If you ever still talk with Cassandra, tell her we miss her.