Done, done, done, done, and done.

Apropos of our earlier discussion in the comments about taking concrete action rather than writhing in impotent disgust, here are five links to Republican Senate race campaigns where your donation might do the most good:

North Dakota
West Virginia

And in the meantime, everyone will be pleased to hear that the polls just flipped on Sen. Claire McCaskill in her Missouri race, on the heels of her announced intention to vote against Judge Kavanaugh.

Burn it down.  Plough it under.  Salt the ground it stood on.


Elise said...

Thanks, Tex. You got a couple I did and a couple I didn't. I'd like to add Bob Hugin who is running against Bob Menedez in NJ. Cory Booker is not up for re-election but his Democratic colleague is and the race is surprisingly close: Hugin Donate Link

I'd also suggest people take a look at House of Representatives races in their own States. Not every Democratic Senator is up for re-election - but every Democratic Representative is.

Grim said...

Good point, Elise.

Thank you, Tex, for putting this together. I’m sometimes guilty of despairing at fixing our Congress, which can lead to a failure to try.

Christopher B said...

I donated locally. Might not do any good since this is Democrat dominated area but it's worth a try.

Also donated here

and will donate to Kavanaugh GoFundMe.

Elise said...

Yeah, I think about donating to that Expose The Media GoFundMe but I'm still squeamish about it. The USA Today article portraying Judge Kavanaugh as a "[C]redibly accused sex offender" who "should stay off basketball courts for now when kids are around" may yet change my mind but going after reporters seems dangerous. I guess comes down to whether going after reporters does more harm than the reporters themselves are doing.

Texan99 said...

Good signs in North Dakota:

Texan99 said...

Texan99 said...