Cyberpunk 2020

It's just about on schedule.


ymarsakar said...

Sci fi is an easy onion cover. If anything leaks, they can just say it was somebody's sci fi imagination.

Shadowrun wasn't just a game world people created. It bore a more than coincidental relation to what was really going on.

The military plus black R/D is several decades ahead of what civilians are allowed to use or know about. US created mind control programs have gone back quite some time. It is still mostly classified but some have leaked out due to information acts.

ymarsakar said...

The Leftist alliance was something normal Americans had a hope of killing and terminating, if they woke up sometime around 2008.

The Deep State... is a whole other magnitude of scale in difficulty. The problem with a America that lacks the imagination to visualize their enemies is that it prevents accurate tactical and strategic assessment of the enemy's capabilities.

For example, Deep Underground bunker city complexes would negate the issue of a city being sieged and starved out. Unless the guerillas can penetrate those underground networks, they will have to run around from space based kinetic strikes that can annihilate the entire surface and food production value of a guerilla alliance before the bunkers re open. Problem solved with civilian shields.