Jonathan Haidt Talks about Three Hopeful Signs at Universities for 2018


Texan99 said...

He thinks the floodgates are going to open and a lot of university presidents are going to start insisting on free speech. More likely, we're going to see a lot of universities burning to the ground.

Gringo said...

The new website design of Heterodox Academy is much worse than the old design, very far from "New, improved!"

Tom said...

Well, Tex, I think it'll be some of both. The president of a small, public university here did just take a stand for free speech with a speaker the LGBT community opposed.

FIRE is out there racking up wins and I think by this point most schools are aware of them, or at least their legal departments are. And I think he's right both that most lefty professors outside of the activist departments are left-liberal, not left-illiberal, and that students are starting to stand up.

On the other hand, some university administrations just don't seem to be learning anything, and the activist departments seem most active. They probably will burn their schools to the ground.

Also, competition is getting worse every year, and even if every university did everything right, some of them would fail. All things considered, the market is due for a shakeout, I think.