First Things on the Alt-Right and Christianity

An interesting exploration of the philosophy behind the so-called 'alt-right.' Philosophy is an ancient discipline, and there is always more to know.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

The author seems to believe there are lots of people on the alt-right, and that they have considerable shared philosophy. I don't think either of those things is true.

It does sometimes come to pass a small elite wields enormous power over more numerous followers who agree with them only in part. The Bolshevik Revolution is the standard example. In a time of chaos and imbalance, such a group may take power not by brilliant design, but almost by dumb luck. Beyond that possibility, however, I don't see the alt right as described here as a significant force. Perhaps they will be influential and that will change. I know that alt-right groups in Scandinavia have become anti-church.

james said...

With AVI, I think the label seems to be applied to people who bear no resemblance to those described in the article.

Anonymous said...

It's a bit funny this article comes up here. Normally this blog and the Vox Popoli blog do not link to the same articles. For what it is worth, Vox Day is alt-right and his response is:

At the very least I've seen two main strains that claim the alt-Right title. There is a strain which matches the article that follows that Richard Spencer character. Another strain follows Vox Day, avowedly pro-Christian, and his 16 points. There are other strains and flavors I've seen referenced like the "hard Right" or "alt-West". These other strains also favor, or are explicitly, Christian.

Something unfortunate is that a lot of our common language and labeling seems to get hijacked by the media, many of whom are openly hostile to the western traditions. Witness is your post "The Media Loves North Korea".

Finally, from minimally a linguistic viewpoint, Vox Day has some interesting terms running around his blog. Scientody, Scientifery, and Churchian are a few for the body of Science, the act of doing Science, and those that claim to be Christian, bully other Christians into certain acts or stances, but which actions or stances are not actually supportable or antithetical to Christianity. As you may expect in any group, who exactly is a Churchian depends on who you ask.

We live in interesting times, as God wills it.
-Stc Michael

Assistant Village Idiot said...

@ stc Michael - thank you, both for the comment and the link. I have not written on the topic much recently, but what Vox Day would call Churchians believe in the Gospel of Niceness. Having been both a Lutheran and a Covenanter, I can assure you that Scandinavians in America are a big part of this.

Anonymous said...

You are welcome AVI.

-Stc Michael

Ymarsakar said...

The analysis of the article's analysis got over 4000 characters easily.