DB: WWII Vets Gather to Be Reminded to Check Their Privilege

These guys at the DB hit some winners sometimes.
The few remaining survivors of “The Greatest Generation”, who fought and bled in defense of democracy and freedom during World War II, were reminded to check their privilege today at a ceremony at The University of California at Berkeley.

The annual ceremony, sponsored by the Marginalized-Victims-of-Repressive-Oppression-by-White-Male-Capitalists-Over-Six-Feet-Tall-Student-Campus-Alliance (MVROWMCOSFTSCA), was intended to “send a message to all World War II veterans,” the group’s Facebook page said, “that no matter how many of your friends died right before your eyes, the fact that you were even there, only worried about dodging bullets and not violent speech, shows just how privileged you really were.”

Moonbeam Cinnamon Smith-Mustafa-Rodriguez-Gluten, the group’s organizer, shouted into a handheld loudspeaker at the dwindling crowd of aging veterans, noticeably smaller than last year’s group.

“You old, rich, privileged white men have no idea what the daily fight on the streets is like, what the struggle against an oppressive regime bent on domination is actually like,” she said.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

They want to be heroes but can't. So they go looking for oppressors to yell at.

Older liberals might be* waking up to the fact that these just want an enemy, any enemy, to stuff into their morality play.

*might be

douglas said...

Indeed, when you dismiss the real enemies, you're stuck looking for imaginary ones to fill the void. Unfortunately, they seem to have found their calling in this, as they're amazingly creative at it.