"Lions Ate Him"

Richard Fernandez:
The asymmetry in the strategic goals of Red and Blue derives from the importance of the state to each. For progressives, survival means retaining ascendance over the state. For the Red or Populist side, the goal is merely to keep the state from being ascendant over them. This asymmetry is the great weakness of the Progressives. If they don't win they lose. For Rebels, if they don't lose they win.... A progressive movement that has routinely regarded the pacification of Vietnam, Iraq or Cuba uneconomical must surely realize the suppression of half of America is infeasible. The raised tone and heightened warnings of cultural elites inspires little confidence. They are reminiscent of lion-tamers shouting to keep the beasts under control. It's strategic asymmetry at work. For progressives, the show means controlling the lions. For the lions all they have to do to end the performance is walk out of the ring. They don't even have to bite the tamers.
I'm all for that. Which is the way out of the ring?


raven said...

"A progressive movement that has routinely regarded the pacification of Vietnam, Iraq or Cuba uneconomical must surely realize the suppression of half of America is infeasible"

No. Don't forget what side they are on. They had no vested interest in pacifying their own. They will pull out all the stops to pacify the enemy.

Grim said...

You may be right, but they're going to need to find stops to pull like they've never yet seen.

Anonymous said...

Screw the red and blue analogy, it confuses and it does not work

Statist are the enemy and it makes no difference who they are. Feminist, Republicans, Democrats, Leftist Catholic Hierarchy, BLM, The clinton & Obama regime, The episcopal Church, The Learned Elders of Wye, the cloud people, The bloated Military establishment, NPR or some friggin NGO, Elon Musk, Climate Change Proponents , The Education Establishment, the list goes on ad naseum

Its all about creating a Tit on Fed Gov, or some other level of gov and drawng sustenance from it. and protecting it for all its worth

If you shrink it, They will not be able to weopenize it , thats what I get from this article.

Big State is about castration and enslavement.
Control needs to be local and finance needs to be local.

Dad29 this morning points out what the problem with Government
worth a read.

....The credentialism and parochialism of the managerial state produces people barely capable of working on a local school board committee. Their lack of exposure to the realities of the human condition cripples them spiritually. They become ruthless, overgrown adolescents playing dress up as they ascend into positions of authority.......

Another smart guy gives us an insight & strategy on how to win this war against statist, Muslims
and the Learned Elders of Wye.

The Most Intolerant Wins: The Dictatorship of the Small Minority by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

I say the Lions need to bite and get away with it and win.
Screw the Lion tamers naming the winners and the losers
I want back my country.



How we get there will be ugly, but get there we must.


Grim said...

The Learned Elders of Wye, the cloud people...

I figured out via Google that the first one was yet another of your antisemitic comments, which I would strongly encourage you not to make in my company. D29, whom you often cite to me as a good example, has never made a single such remark that I can recall.

Who are the cloud people supposed to be? The only thing Google returns on that is some ancient Peruvian culture that no longer exists.

As for feminists, at least one of my co-bloggers -- T99 -- considers herself one. She's not an advocate of statism or the problems you cite. You may be dragging more into your net than you really need or want there.

jaed said...

"Cloud people" is, I believe, the coinage of a blogger called Z Man. He uses it in contradistinction to "dirt people"—that is, the cloud people are the aspiraational or managerial class, the global elite, and the dirt people are the commoners.

(There's a Star Trek episode called "The Cloud Minders" where he may have gotten the term.)

ColoComment said...

I believe that zman's "cloud people" and "dirt people" are supposed to be loosely analogous to Codevilla's "ruling class" and "country class."



Anonymous said...

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