Time for "Acid Control"

The British decided to ban guns, so people began stabbing each other. So the British decided to ban knives. Now, people are carrying around acid and throwing it in each other's faces.
The reason acid has become such a popular weapon is because it’s easier to carry than a knife — which has a higher chance of being found by law enforcement — and it’s cheap and accessible.

Last month one London acid attack victim told VICE News: “These scars are not going to disappear. I’m going to have to live with what those two individuals done, whenever I look in the mirror. Whenever I have a happy moment in my life, it’s going to be sort of scarred.”
The 'control' model doesn't get rid of the real source of the evil. It just makes evil look for another tool.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

Well then, we need Reasonable Badness Control Measures.

Eric Blair said...

I'm hoping that this was just a novel way of stealing stuff, but sheesh, what next?

Ymar Sakar said...

Lucifer cannot be controlled by mortals. Human laws do not affect immortals.

jaed said...

Two thoughts:

1. The linked article says manufacturers of cleaning products are being urged to make them more viscuous. This strikes me as a bad thing, not a good thing (in terms of this measure's purpose), since it's harder to get viscuous liquids off your skin. Immediate first aid for acid exposure is to flush the area with water, and that works less well if the liquid is sticky.

2. Is this a case of Youths Of No Particular Ethnicity Or Religion? The linked article makes no reference and gives no names, and that combined with the fact that acid attacks are common in Pakistan makes me suspicious.