Expel Turkey's Ambassador

So says Sen. McCain.

Yesterday's violence, against American citizens on US soil for engaging in their constitutional rights, is completely unacceptable.


MikeD said...

Well, he and I agree on this one.

Anonymous said...

This is the second time (at least) that the Turkish PM's "bodyguard" have attacked protesters on US soil. Apparently they don't care that the laws in the US are different from Turkey, and we do not have lese-majeste. They should have been tossed after the first incident as a warning. Now they really need to go.


Grim said...

It's a sad reflection that they are enabled in doing this in our nation's very capital by the fact that this same capital refuses to respect another constitutional right. The Turkish bodyguards would have less success with their brutality in many parts of our great nation, which would be a useful object lesson.

Anonymous said...

Ummm, there's some evidence the Turkish PM's bodyguard may have been attacked by the demonstrators, the police were no help, and the bodyguards did react ferociously.

I will try to re-locate it. Apparently most of the video in circulation online starts with the response by the Turks.


E Hines said...

I'd close the embassy, not just expel the ambassador.

And withdraw from Incirlik; its only practical value is as a staging base for points north and east.

Failing that, stage more protests in the same spot, with messages both promoting PYD and ridiculing Erdogan.

Eric Hines

Anonymous said...

Here's the cite, with several video links and the pertinent comments.

To be honest, I cannot make heads nor tails of the video, so this is all somebody else's opinion. However, one of the people in several of the videos is an ANTIFA provocateur that was present during at least one other attack, and caught on film lying.

Arrest Islamist Erdogans BodyguardsIMPORTANT (i.redd.it)
submitted 19 hours ago by dominik88

"I'm not going to defend Turkish thugs, but every video I've seen starts exactly when the violence occurs. I'd like to see the full version to see what provoked the attack. We've seen bird-dogging tactics in the past, and the Turks don't put up with that shit. I highly doubt they just picked a few Americans out of a crowd to beat the shit out of because they could.
Again, not defending it, but it would give some context. "

"This is what you're looking for: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXK8XhxcNVA

"The protesters were on the bodyguard's side of the street, attempting to corral them like Antifa always does with their childish "Im not touching you" while bumping into you to push you back. Punches were thrown and the groups backed up.
WHILE POLICE ARE CORRALING THE BODYGUARDS, projectiles are being thrown at them - one takes a bottle right to the eyes. They start demanding that the police do something, and the cucked DC cops do NOTHING.
Im not saying what the bodyguards did is justified, but the police made this happen by NOT breaking up the protest once they started throwing things and becoming a mob. "


I am no fan of the Turkish bodyguards, nor their behavior. The DC police, however, had a role in this, as well.


Grim said...

It has been suggested that the Berkeley police have a deal with Antifa not to interfere with their criminal intimidation of counter-protesters. I wonder if the DC police have a similar arrangement? If so, Antifa might want to reconsider whether this is always going to work to their advantage.

In any case, American citizens can't be beaten by foreign soldiers on American soil. If they're wrong, we should take care of it ourselves.

Anonymous said...

I think the DC police probably do not have a deal with ANTIFA. During the inauguration, they arrested people who misbehaved and charged them with felony riot. However, the Turks have diplomatic immunity, and yet are not well-behaved. The police may have had some problems with their co-ordination.

I agree that the outcome was unacceptable.


Eric Blair said...

So just beat them. I saw a cop beating somebody in a video. Beat them all. What are they gonna do?

Ymar Sakar said...

The System rules over and Owns Americans.

Just more proof people are living in their own delusional utopia of a slave livestock farm.

If an American dares to look threatening in DC, they are shot on sight and killed, and Congress claps to thank the security forces while America sits on a couch and watches Thrones.

Enjoy the darkness while it lasts. Trum was supposed to save America, like some Hero King. Good job so far, for a Demoncrat human that turned Republican president.