Presidents' Day

The day originally celebrates George Washington, but now also other presidents. By way of discussion, it might be interesting to hear who you think were the best of the minor presidents (and why). The major ones, ranked by effect for good or ill on the nation, should include:

George Washington
Abraham Lincoln
Andrew Jackson
Ronald Reagan
Teddy Roosevelt
Woodrow Wilson

JFK might also be included if only because of his psychic effect on his generation and the one that followed. Nixon might be included for opening China and getting himself forced to resign, which also provoked a psychic effect that was harmful. Carter definitely produced a psychic effect, but I believe he was too pitiful as president to make anybody's list of "best minor presidents."


J Melcher said...

Dunno about "best" but in terms of "consequential" it's hard to ignore the bickering founders, Adams and Jefferson. This particularly with regard to US NAVAL history. Which regulars here already know, but for any strays:

Jefferson -- to oversimplify, greatly -- a coast guard of lightly gunned small craft mostly manned by "minute-man" part-time volunteers, to be drydocked until need clearly arose. Adams wanted a real navy of warships to constantly sail the world and deal with nations, large and small, as an equal among equals, promoting U.S. interests. Adams started construction of his desired fleet -- and lost the next election to Jefferson. Who found himself dealing with Muslim terrorists who hijacked civilian vessels, took hostages, demanded tribute, etc etc. (History doesn't repeat, but it rhymes...) So Jefferson send the warships Adams wanted, and he himself had delayed, to sail across the world "to the shores of Tripoli" and teach the Libyans a lesson. The US Navy, nor the Marines, haven't backed down since. And Jefferson, in his post-presidency, rarely failed to congratulate ex-president Adams for being right -- at least that once -- in the dispute.

Imagine the consequences if there had been no navy, or no willingness to deploy it, nor naval experienced gained in the decades prior to the North American theater of the Napoleanic Wars circa 1812.

We might all be speaking Canadian right now...

douglas said...

Silent Cal.

MikeD said...

I'm a fan of James Madison. Not just for his contribution to the Constitution, but as I recall, he was the last sitting President to lead troops in battle (while President).

Anonymous said...

Grim, These are the best of the minor presidents because they specificaally owned Airedale Terriers.....

.....Presidents Theodore Roosevelt, Calvin Coolidge, and Warren Harding owned Airedales. President Harding's Airedale, Laddie Boy, was the "first celebrity White House pet".

Well, You asked what I think, and there is my "criteria" for what it is worth...

Sorry I'm late in responding, I have been on a four day road trip across the USA, west to east...


Grim said...

I mean, those are good dogs.

Ymar Sakar said...

Apparently the Israel Kingdom is so stronk, they got Trum elected and are pulling the strings in DC, for those that believe in Israel occupying and controlling the United States rather than vice a versa.

So on the US list of Presidents, Israeli shadow cabals should definitely qualify.

As for great US Presidents, they are great only because of the spirit which enlightened and guided them, not because of their own corrupt natures. Of their own works, they derive little true credit for.

Humans follow great and strong leaders because they are great, strong, and rare. If only humans had the wisdom to realize that they could rise to the same level by a different path.