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President Trump, after promising a radical break with the foreign policy of Barack Obama, is embracing some key pillars of the former administration’s strategy, including warning Israel to curb construction of settlements, demanding that Russia withdraw from Crimea and threatening Iran with sanctions for ballistic missile tests.
I'm sorry, was I supposed to believe that new sanctions on Iran was a "pillar" of the Obama administration's foreign policy? I would have described them as 'something they did their very best to fend off, but finally recognized was going to happen whether they liked it or not.' The Obama administration opposed new sanctions on Iran throughout its second term as it sought its so-called 'deal' with Iran. Iran engaged in multiple ballistic missile tests after the so-called deal, which even the UN viewed as violating the terms of the arrangement.

Nor was this the only way in which Iran violated the so-called 'deal.'

I'm not sure the whole Obama administration had a "pillar" among them. This certainly wasn't one.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

I think the purpose of this is to say "If Trump gets anything right it was Obama's idea all along."

E Hines said...

Well, everything Obama got wrong was Bush's fault.

At least there is symmetry.

Eric Hines

MikeD said...

No, the former administration were dead serious on the Israeli settlements issue. And allowed (and I believe even engineered) a UN resolution against Israel for settling lands they won from the Syrians and Jordanians in defensive wars. I love how everyone these days wants to pretend they stole those lands from some country named "Palestine" and not as concessions they took from hostile invading nations.

E Hines said...

from hostile invading nations

All while carefully ignoring the fact that these nations are artificialities imposed by evil Western colonialists that bear superficial resemblances to the polities extant at the time. But some memes are more convenient than others.

Eric Hines

Ymar Sakar said...

Every time Grim linked to a leftist website or propaganda source, to start up a discussion about this or that Leftist strategy, I thought it was propaganda. Part of it was fake. Only now, it seems, is it popular to openly declare it so. Because the band wagon says so.