That explains it

I've been wondering how I could feel so out of synch with a feminist movement:
Today, feminism is not so much a movement as a grab bag for the usual assortment of progressive causes. “Free birth control and Palestine,” one popular sign said, which about sums it up. If you believe in one, then you’re assumed to automatically believe in the other one. Feminism used to be a big tent. Today, admission is restricted to those who are willing to beg forgiveness for their intersectional privilege and deplore Israel.
There's that word "intersectional" again. I guess I should go look it up; has it really got a recognizable meaning now? Is it a Venn diagram thing?


Grim said...

It is more of an analogy than a definition. Here's a piece on the origin of the term, quite appropriately hosted at the International Socialist Review.

Texan99 said...

Yeah, I figured it would be some kind of "I'm multiply oppressed and therefore more than usually exempt from ordinary human duties" thing. Or just a "more oppressed than thou" stacking function.