How the Government Wrecked the Gas Can

I'm pretty sure we've discussed this exact issue in the past. This article is from 2012, but things have gotten worse since then.


Jason said...

This works. I've done it myself.

MikeD said...

The point is, you should not HAVE to manually alter a gas can in order to make it workable. In a sane country, there would be someone manufacturing gas cans like the examples of the 15 year old cans he shows in the video. But we can't in the US, because that is now illegal.

douglas said...

The article did mention that there's now a booming market for one and five gallon 'water' cans that bear a striking resemblance to the old gas cans. There's also now a market in little yellow vent caps.

But, yes, we shouldn't have to do any of this.