FedEx Declines To Shoot Own Foot

Federal Express has made a decision in the case of a driver who stopped a flag-burning. They claim that the driver in question "remains a FedEx employee" and that this will not change.

Now, among the many jobs I have held in my long life was one contract gig pressure-washing FedEx trucks, which are required to be clean and presentable in order to maintain the corporate image. As at that time, and I have not heard that this has changed, FedEx drivers were also contractors rather than employees. My guess is that the 'employee' in question probably owns his own truck, and is properly speaking a small businessman in his own right. Yeoman farmers, more or less.


Eric Blair said...

Fed Ex isn't run by stupid people. You may be right per the 'contractor' thing, but when ordinary citizens in Portland Oregon, are cheering the police for bum-rushing blocking traffic, you know that something has changed.

People are fed up with it. Even that silly march has been forgotten about already.

Grim said...

Yeah, even in Portland people have to get to work.

Laura said...

FedEx was founded by Fred Smith-- who had the business idea as an undergrad in Yale in 1966... but he took a commission in the USMC and did two tours in Vietnam as a platoon leader and forward air controller, earning a silver star, bronze star, and two purple hearts. After he got back, he took his idea, plus what he had learned from the military logistics system, and founded FedEx.

So no, the driver isn't going to get fired. :)