So It Turns Out There Was Something There After All

Now she has two problems: First, the appearance of extreme physical weakness, which is not a quality voters look for in a President. That's the small problem.

The big problem is that she's just spent a year teaching Americans that they can't trust what she says about things like this. "She got overheated" is the new "there was never any classified information in my email, and I turned over everything work-related." We know, from recent experience, that she and her people only tell as much of the truth as they are absolutely forced to, and give up more truth only when there is no choice whatsoever.

The 'overheated' story was so implausible, in sub-80 degree weather without humidity, that we've already seen the first modification: 'she has pneumonia.' OK. Even if that's true, pneumonia is not terribly likely in the summer without some additional illness suppressing the immune system. What illness is that? She's been coughing for a long time.

The only thing we can be sure of is that she's not going to level with us about whatever it is. That's true for this, as it was true in the classified information scandal, and as it will be true with regard to everything ever if she's elected President. It's who she is.

The Democratic Party, were it wise, would take this opportunity to force her to stand down for anyone else. They could only improve their electoral prospects by doing so, and would in the meantime do the nation a significant favor.

UPDATE: Two questions I've seen asked and not answered: if she has contagious pneumonia, how could her campaign justify sending the little girl out to hug her in the "all is well!" photo-op? If she has contagious pneumonia, why would they take her to Chelsea's home, where there are babies who could be at risk from such a move?

There are a range of possible answers to those questions, but none of them make her look good.


Anonymous said...

- Mississippi

james said...

I've had pneumonia a time or three (and bronchitis more often), and it didn't always seem to start with anything much worse than a cold. During bad spells I couldn't think very clearly and couldn't stand very well, but I was sane enough to take that as a sign that I desperately needed to go back to bed. I can't imagine a doctor who'd have let me do speaking engagements.

raven said...

The Democratic Party, were it wise, would take this opportunity to force her to stand down for anyone else.

She IS the democratic party- she is it's true face.

Grim said...

You're right, Raven, but this is their chance to escape her -- if they want to do, and as they would wisely do.

Though it's hard to imagine her letting go while there is any chance for her to claw her way back to power.

ColoComment said...

Check out the video on Drudge that shows a different angle of her being manhandled into the SUV. Her legs were dragging, like dead weight.

Very weird.

I was listening reporting on Fox Radio in the car late last night & got the distinct impression that the media were at least as perturbed at the reporting pool being corralled for 90 minutes at the 9/11 site as they were about reporting Hill's health "event." (Heaven forfend that anyone should prevent the media from performing its sacred duty.)

ColoComment said...

was listening *to* reporting on Fox Radio

E Hines said...

I can't imagine a doctor who'd have let me do speaking engagements.

It's not up to the doctor. Both my wife and I routinely overrule ours when our imperatives require it.

You're right, Raven, but this is their chance to escape her -- if they want to do, and as they would wisely do.

With whom would they replace her?

the media were at least as perturbed at the reporting pool being corralled for 90 minutes

I have a lawyer friend who, based on what's available in the "press," thinks that was an illegal detention, even if it was done by her secret service detail.

Regarding Clinton's pneumonia diagnosis (can we really believe this, coming as it does from Hillary Clinton through her campaign staff?) Power Line quoted an internist describing a form of pneumonia that could be applicable.

Eric Hines

Grim said...

With whom would they replace her?

With anyone not a member of the Clinton machine, if they were wise. Breaking the tie between that machine and the party would serve them very well.

Could be Sanders. Could even be Biden. Not Kaine, though, who is a part of the machine. Not Chelsea, for certain.

...even if it was done by her secret service detail.


ColoComment said...

...much speculation that she has Parkinson's. I know nothing of that disease, but some seem to think the symptoms fit quite nicely.

E Hines said...

Michael J Fox has Parkinson's; he's functioning well. It's a disease that afflicts the muscles; it leaves the mind intact, until late stages, then dementia becomes common.

"Dr" Hines speculates that, if she has PD, it's unlikely to get to her mind in the next 8 years; her symptoms imply a present very early stage.

Eric Hines

E Hines said...

With anyone not a member of the Clinton machine....

That makes Warren a possibility. While they're rivals for control of the Progressive machine, I think they're more than allies of convenience. With the ineligibility of Bill Clinton, the uselessness of Chelsea, and the loss of Hillary, the Clinton machine itself has no viable heirs.

Eric Hines

Tom said...

This is simple; they just forgot to plug her into the recharger last night.

Christopher B said...

Eric, assuming that Hillary does have Parkinson's, I wouldn't take differences between her condition and MJ Fox's as dispositive. Different people can have different symptoms and impacts from the same disease. Fox was an otherwise healthy young man when his symptoms appeared. Hillary is older and probably not as healthy overall. Fox may have responded well to the drugs to treat and/or alleviate the symptoms. Even though Fox is a public figure, we likely only saw him on his best days (except when he wanted to garner sympathy at Congressional hearings). Hillary's people appear to be taking a similar approach. From what I remember of her 2008 primary campaign, it was pretty conventional even though she's widely known for disliking retail politics. There were plenty of big rallies, barnstorming tours, town hall meetings, and pressing the flesh. This time her team is planning smaller functions and one-on-one interviews. This is spun as playing to her strengths but it also means that her schedule can be adjusted easily and without the notice that a delayed appearance at or sudden cancellation of a big rally would draw. The convention and 11 September were two non-negotiable appearances, and from what I've heard and read there were also signs at the convention that she wasn't doing well.

We only know about the events that had too much impact or were too visible to cover up so it's almost impossible to say when her symptoms started if she is afflicted with a chronic condition.

I also don't think the primary concern is impact to her mind though that is probably floating amongst the speculation. The Constitution and our current arrangement of government are predicated on the President being available pretty much 24/7, with reasonable exceptions. The 25th Amendment does provide a process but it's cumbersome, and has only been tested when the office has been permanently vacated or during scheduled times of incapacitation such as surgery (remember the confusion that Regan being shot caused). I think it would be especially hard to deal with the situation of a President who was prone to 'medical events' such as Hillary's collapse on 11 September. At what point would people want to permanently replace a President who randomly becomes catatonic even for brief periods, and how would such a replacement be handled, especially if the President could not be persuaded to resign?

Ymar Sakar said...

Isn't even October and the Left already has their October Surprise. Why am I not surprised.

But this also might be a little bit of a divine joke.