Joe Bob Renders Judgment

Here is his summation of the debate.

UPDATE: It may be his style, but here as in the last long piece I cited from him, you have to read to the very end to get the point.


Anonymous said...

When it started looking like Trump would be the nominee, I had to face the unpleasant prospect that the best I could get out of this election is a minor disruption to the current gaggle of corrupt relationships. I figured that any party turnover would be better than none.

Since then, I saw his first press conference, several of his formal speeches, and now this debate. I think I might yet be pleasantly surprised, if he is elected. He does have something both Hillary and Obama lack: successful executive experience under the current regime.

I also like the idea that he is a businessman who is offended by the corruption he has had to live with. This aspect of him reminds me of Earl Warren. Earl Warren was nominated in part due to his history as a criminal prosecutor, and on the Supreme Court, he set out to correct some abuses.


Anonymous said...

PS: am I the only one that doesn't mind that he speaks like a normal person?


Grim said...

I'm guessing that "normal person" has some regional variations. He doesn't talk like a normal Southerner, but I've read several people who have written that he talks like a normal New Yawker.

My guess is that it's a net positive for him with undecided voters. Hillary's camp is very self-satisfied today, because she performed exactly the way she wanted to perform. She hit her notes precisely. But I wonder if that's what people want. Joe Bob has a point: Trump's undisciplined face was the most honest facet of the debate. It's the only thing that no one was spinning, not even him. His manner of speaking is a close second.