Death to Wells Fargo

I don't especially like when corporations go after gun rights, and I'd be only too happy to see a few heads on pikes as a warning to others. A company that goes after knife manufacturers, though: that's a bridge too far. Now it's not about the particular dangers of guns of this or that type. You're just opposed to weapons. To be opposed to weapons is not to oppose the human right of self-defense. It's just to oppose the tools that would make such a right realizable.

It's like favoring voting rights, but being opposed to polling stations.

It's like favoring freedom of speech, but being against people being allowed to keep their tongues.

It's like favoring freedom of religion, but opposing anyone building a church.

Corporations that try to destroy the practical realization of any of our freedoms deserve to be destroyed in turn.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

Good examples.

The natural extension of not having weapons is that the people with the most powerful hands and feet will rule.

Weapons give the vulnerable some chance.

Eric Blair said...

What, are kitchen knives next?

Ymar Sakar said...

Great, this might revitalize the world's sword industry, as sales have been falling due to the World Depression.