That Doesn't Mean Anything! These Guys Were Trained!

Well, except for Christy.


Tom said...

They are often one short on the first magazine. I have no idea why.

Other than that, it's an interesting demonstration.

MikeD said...

They're intentionally counting the rounds to leave one round in the chamber at the end of the first magazine. This is done so that the breech does not lock to the rear while they reload. This means they never need to re-release the slide after reloading. It's clever, but not something I was ever taught.

raven said...

One of the Orlando survivors recalls the murderer washing his hands and drying them as he hid in a stall. Exactly how much opportunity did he need?
My take on all this is that we need to get the hell away from the utterly stupid focus on trying to make boys into little girls and let them take some risks, fight some playground bullies, get a few bloody noses, climb a tree, break an arm now and then, and bring them up to be tough and resist. Our (the left's) cultural obsession with risk avoidance has created a nation of pansies. Maybe that is desirable to them as it makes for easy dominance, but it also removes the very ones who will protect their sorry asses. Maybe they think they will use the Islamist's and then dicard them when done- perhaps they have not read of the fate of the Iranian commies who thought that.