There. Will. Be. Polka!

To paraphrase Ace, or some moron over there, it's a spectacularly silly time to be alive.


Grim said...

If they're right, a thousand years from now will be just as silly.

Tom said...

Well, the intended object of my post (both song and comment) was life in America today, rather than the Dreadnaughts' polka, but yeah. I've pretty much come to the conclusion that silliness is a constant of human existence. We're just identifying as silly much more these days, I think.

Gringo said...

Polka has been going strong in Texas for 150 years. Here is some Neo-Polka from Brave Combo- some of which can also be called silly. Though Brave Combo doesn't confine itself to polka.

For an example of how deeply polka is rooted in Texas music, consider Flaco Jimenez: Beer-Drinking Polka.Polka: it ain't just for Germans.

Though should Flaco be shamed for "appropriating" the music of another culture? Methinks not.