"Alt Right"?

I hadn't heard the term either. The Daily Beast considers it a form of white supremacism, but while I also oppose white supremacism, I suspect their definition of it may be wider than mine.
What Roy left out of his interview is that the alt right is a neoreactionary effort comprised of right-wing agitators brought together by their opposition to immigration (in particular, Hispanic and Muslim immigration), animosity to Muslims, and general opposition to multiculturalism (they call it cultural Marxism). They hate political correctness, they like Donald Trump, and they love dubbing their enemies “cuckservatives.”

“Our enemies scream the usual ‘RACIST’, ‘WHITE SUPREMACIST’ and ‘NAZI,’” reads a post on alt right blog RamZPaul. “We just laugh and go forward.”
In fairness, the fact that people on the Left are screaming those things is no reason to think it's plausibly characteristic of the movement. These days it is said to be racist to deny the existence of races: "colorblind" is supposedly a code-word for practices that refuse to appropriately take color into account.

So, pro:

* 'Neoreactionary' sounds good, though I don't know what she means by it.

* Opposition to immigration is possibly good, depending on what exactly is meant by it -- the USA benefits from some level of immigration of the right kind of people, and whether they are 'Hispanic or Muslim' has nothing to do with whether they are the right kind of people. Give me all the Mexicans or Arabs you can find who are like this guy. We need people who are devoted to the American project.

* By the same token, I'd be happy to support emigration -- for those who aren't devoted to the American project. If there's somewhere you'd rather be, let's help you get there.

* I have no animosity toward Muslims. Most of them are like anyone else. Others are my enemies, by their own choice. I love my enemies.

* Opposition to "multiculturalism" is good. Multiculturalism somehow goes hand in hand with "cultural appropriation." Having people from lots of cultures is great, as long as we can all learn from each other and build something together. The cultural balkanization of American is bad.

* Opposition to political correctness is good. Discourtesy is not good, but anyone who wants to impose speech controls has gone against the spirit of America.


* "Cuckservative" is the kind of sexualized language that has damaged our politics every time it is deployed. We are supposed to reason together. We cannot do that while we try to reduce ourselves or each other to sexual appetites or the functions of material organs. Even when we're talking about sex in politics, as we must sometimes do, it is best to not to use language that activates sexuality in the mind. It certainly should not be used elsewhere. Explain your objections without it, and not only will your position be stronger, so will the political system out of which a strong argument might produce something.

* It may be obvious by now that I am not a huge supporter of Donald Trump for President.

* Everything in the "good" category could have a bad aspect: opposition to immigration out of racism, for example; xenophobia rather than mere disdain for being told how to live by the PC or multi-culti factions.

So, do any of you have anything to do with this 'alt-right' movement? How do you find it on balance? More like the good, or more like the bad?


raven said...

What bothers me is the increasing level of utter hatred directed at me, by people who know nothing about me, but ascribe evil to my wish to live my life free from onerous interference by them and their desire to use Government force as their proxy.

It is becoming clear that if they are saying what they mean, that they would have absolutely no problem applying their own version of a "final solution" to me and others who believe in what 40 years ago was a normal American belief system founded on the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

I am increasingly concerned by the resemblance to the "Cultural Revolution" in China. Sometimes I think the anti-gun rhetoric is a version of the "1000 Flowers", a device designed to get folks to self identify as the opposition by buying guns. Then they can be criminalized and persecuted.

Grim said...

It would be an interesting choice to encourage your enemies to buy guns if you were planning to persecute them, though. :)

raven said...

Not if you you thought someone else's butt (police, military) was going to take them away. Also, the peaceful nature of the gun owners makes it unlikely they would resist with force until all other options were taken away. And the advantage of surprise and concentration of force means few gun owners living peaceably in their homes would be able to resist effectively. These people constitute Mao's ocean, not the fish. Now admittedly there are multiple other ways to ID the makeup of the ocean, like voter registration, magazine subscriptions, web profiles, etc.

Now after a while, given enough overt provocation, the fish would go pro-active in a number of unpleasant ways. But these folks had guns anyway.

Grim said...

I don't know. I think you'll get resistance the minute you start in on confiscation -- that moment, a huge chunk of America's guns will vanish into a black market. You show up at my house, asking about the guns with the serial numbers that I bought from FFLs? Sold them, years ago, at a gun show to some guy with cash. No idea who he was. Sorry.

That will mean pushing harder, and the harder they push, the harder people will push back. It's how the American Revolution started -- first they object to the taxes, then they pour out the tea, then they react to the suppression, then...

And, as we've already started to see, many state governments are already prepared to tell the Feds to take a walk. Some would form a locus for organizing resistance to unconstitutional orders.

raven said...

That may be the way it unfolds.
My opinion is by the time things are at that level,
they will not be coming for your guns.
They will be coming for you.

Grim said...

Well, if they do, take it as the starting gun.

Ymar Sakar said...

Oh I know where the Alternative Right came from.

That's actually a pretty new time, like cuckservative. The intel analysts on the Left are functionally incapable of adapting that quick to crowd based movements. That also includes the know nothing talking heads on tv.

Ymar Sakar said...

And, as we've already started to see, many state governments are already prepared to tell the Feds to take a walk. Some would form a locus for organizing resistance to unconstitutional orders.

Civil war 2 is inevitable. Some people saw this years ago, before 2010.

The thing about seeing far, is all the normals around you that think you're blind or seeing a mirage. But then again, the consequences will be felt by all, in that sense death and war is equal.

That's the "Equality" people want so desperately.

As for guns, the Left doesn't plan on taking them directly. That's what the Islamic Invasion is for. People who cannot think more than 5 steps ahead or 50 years ahead, cannot defeat the LEft nor Islam.