Mismatched sets

Laura, a young woman in Bogota notices a man in a butcher shop, William, who looks so like Jorge, one of her co-workers, that she assumes she's caught him moonlighting. She takes a picture of him back to Jorge, who is struck by the resemblance. Jorge shows the picture to another friend:
"Tell me what you think of this photo," he told his friend, handing him the phone.
You look fine, the friend said.
"Except it’s not me," Jorge said. He could not stop staring at Laura’s phone.
. . . Jorge moved to his desktop computer so he could see the images more closely. He clicked once more on the photo of William and the friend holding shot glasses. Now that the image was large, he could examine what he had failed, incredibly, to notice when he looked at the photo on his phone. He leaned in close, his nose practically touching the screen. The man’s hair was slicked up like a rooster’s crown, and the shirt was all wrong. But there was the full lower lip and thick brown hair that Jorge knew well. The buttons on the man’s shirt were straining slightly at the hint of a potbelly, in a way that was intimately familiar. Jorge felt a rush of confusion, and then his stomach dropped. The friend sitting next to his double had a face that Jorge knew better than his own: It was the face of his fraternal twin brother, Carlos.

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