Michael Bay Is Making A Movie About Benghazi

It will be very interesting to see how this is portrayed, and what repercussions it might have for the Clinton campaign. Will it shy away from the question of her responsibility? Will it try to make it look like she couldn't have done anything? That's my suspicion, but if not, then it could be explosive.

Here's the movie's website, but there's not much but the trailer there now.


Anonymous said...

So, how much of Bengazi will get blown up in slow-mo? (It is Michael Bay we're talking about ;) )


Grim said...

Less than if we'd sent in air support.

Tom said...

I think this really highlights the power of cultural producers. Imagine Bay portrays Hilary as incompetent and uncaring, then the operators who defend the embassy to the death as heroes. Everyone walks out of the theater hating Hilary.

Imagine Bay portrays Hilary as having done everything possible, but really, there was nothing more that could have been done. The operators are still heroes, but they were always doomed. Everyone walks out of the theater thinking the Benghazi investigation is just a political show, and maybe she wouldn't be so bad as president.

The truth matters far less in its effects than how Hollywood or some other major cultural producer portrays it for mass consumption.

Tom said...

It also occurs to me that he has announced the release months in advance, giving political actors time to try to influence him.

Texan99 said...

Knowing nothing of Michael Bay, I couldn't begin to guess. But the trailer does not give you a good idea about the big dogs. Even if there turns out to be nothing more than that little clip of someone saying "help never arrived," I would think it would be poison for Hilary!TM--especially since I'd guess that most of the movie-going public to this day has no idea what Benghazi was or why Tea Partiers were upset about it. Try asking a college student.