Then Why Issue The Report At All?

Kissing up to Iran: that's a job for the most dishonorable man in America. Fortunately, he's the Secretary of State.
A report issued Thursday by the Department of State repeatedly refers to sex reassignment surgery in Iran as “gender-confirmation surgery.”

Speaking at the release of the State Department’s annual human rights report, Secretary of State John Kerry said of the designation that “There is nothing sanctimonious in this,” emphasizing the need for “humility” in the face of the U.S.’ own racial inequality.
So, is the point that this is a human rights abuse or not? The US government also engages in "gender-confirmation surgery," particularly of prisoners like Bradley Manning, but generally only on request. We apparently wouldn't want to be sanctimonious about Iran doing it by force, under threat of death for noncompliance. So why bring it up at all?

They must really want this deal bad. Such a deal it is, too.

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jaed said...

The Administration lights up the White House in rainbow colors and crows repeatedly in order to celebrate a 5-4 Supreme Court decision enforcing same-sex marriage on the states. Will the people or nill they.

At the same time, that self-same administration publicly whitewashes the punishment of gay sex with radical castration as "gender-confirmation surgery".

We do live in interesting times.