Obama and American Exceptionalism

A provocative defense.

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douglas said...

Well, he sets up the usual strawmen like:
"“Those who only understand exceptionalism as preserving the past; who deny our faults or inequality; who say love it or leave it; those are the people who are afraid,” Obama said, according to Keenan’s notes. “Those are the people who think America is some fragile thing.”"

Who among those of us who love America think it's without flaw? Besides, it's not just that Obama admits to mistakes, he's fixated on mistakes of the past and sees bogeymen in the here and now that are but ghosts.

"“We respect the past, but we don’t pine for the past,”"
He's shown very, very little respect fot America's past, unless it was something that pushed us away from our roots and toward leftism, with a few exceptions only.

It rings as hollow as everything else he says.