The Christian Quarter

Home of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Christian Quarter is both like and unlike the other quarters of the city.  

The Jerusalem Headquarters of the Knights Hospitaller.

Saint George and the Dragon.

A modest "palace."


douglas said...

The German sign made me curious- You think of the Orthodox and Catholic presence in Jerusalem, but I had never thought about the Protestants in Jerusalem, but there you go- Lutherans. Is that where you stayed? That sounds like it would be pretty cool.

Grim said...

It's not where I stayed, no, though it would be a nice place to stay if I were to go back.

There are a surprisingly large number of religious denominations there. Outside the Old City, there's a Church of Scotland -- I spied the St. Andrew's Cross flying atop it, and hiked over to see it. The church is dedicated to Field Marshal Allenby, who captured the city in 1917 along with Lawrence of Arabia. He allegedly made a point of walking into the Old City, 'because only one man should ride into Jerusalem.'

douglas said...

It makes perfect sense that there would be many denominations there, I had simply never given it a thought.

Nice story about Allenby.