Don't Mock Daddy

Nice. That's one we haven't heard in a while.


Ymar Sakar said...

Some con artists or cult recruiters have supposedly said that people in rural areas that talk about their family as being authoritative, can't be converted or recruited. It's almost impossible, because they would do something like

Cultist: "Join us and you'll get X"
Rural: "My Daddy told me getting X is a sin and will be bad for me"

Cultist: "You'll be better with us and this will help you"

Rural: "Are you calling my daddy a sucker?"

Cultist: "No, No, nothing like that, what I mean is that you'll get better if you just take an introduction visit to our site. We'll be able to show you what's it about there."

Rural: "Are you calling my Daddy nothing?"

And so it goes, something strange like that. Where the Authority of Rural contests directly against the Authority of Stranger A. If Cultist could just grab that guy and put him into a new environment where they can stroke his ego and place a support ring, he might get converted and brainwashed through group conformity and brainwashing. But it never gets to that point because "My Aunt told me that God created me, are you insulting my Aunt?"

Too much stupidity is a beneficial thing, since it stops a lot of the double think and con artists from working on dishonest vices.

Grim said...

Something to be said for the old way.