My man Rick

I don't care if Rick Perry did forget the third of the three most useless federal agencies that should be jettisoned instantly, I still like him for president.  This HotAir roundup includes a 15-minute video at the end that's well worth watching.  The Republican 2016 "frontrunners" don't compare favorably, to say nothing of Hillary Clinton.  Perry is a solid executive with a grasp of how policy affects the facts on the ground, not just the media spin-dazzle.

Whatever happens, I'm tremendously grateful to have had him for governor these past years.  It's a shame Texas taxpayers have had to spend half a billion dollars to address the border issues the national government can't grasp.  It's beyond exasperating to hear the President dismiss them as fantasies about moats and alligators, as if it were not he who is living in fantasyland.


DL Sly said...

I'm leaning towards Scott Walker if he runs. While Perry has shown great chops these past few years, what Walker did in Wisconsin is damn near miraculous - and he did it while withstanding a withering lefty onslaught of illegal investigations, death threats to him and his family, etc.
Perry backing down during the last elections over the ranch with the rock really got me. Really!? If he can't withstand that miniscule amount of heat over a complete non-starter of a subject, how in the world will he withstand the firestorm that will come with being a Republican President trying to undo all that Xerxes and his minions have foisted upon us?
Walker has walked through that fire already and came out not only unburned, but seemingly fireproof as his recall election would seem to attest.

Anonymous said...

I would take either of them. The thing I like about Texan governors right now is that they are well-trained. The thing I like about Scott Walker is that he pulled off what looks like a miracle to me.


Texan99 said...

I'm very impressed with Scott Walker as well, and he doesn't have the funny accent to contend with.

E Hines said...

he doesn't have the funny accent to contend with.

You mean because he has no Negro dialect, even if he wanted to have one?

Come to that, I'd like to see Dr Ben Carson on that ticket, too. He'd surely be a shoo-in with the Harry Reid Left; Carson seems also to have no Negro dialect; although I've no idea whether he could summon one should he want to.

On the matter of half a billion dollars to address the border issues, I had this brain expulsion. Suppose, arguendo that Obama's request for $3.7 billion to handle those border issues is legitimate. Appropriate the money, then. As block grants to go directly to the border states to deal with those border issues. The Feds don't need to handle the bucks. (Can I say that word, anymore?)

Eric Hines

Texan99 said...

Don't be silly. The $3.7 billion has little or nothing to do with border security; there's no way the President would hand it over to people who might spend it on the freaking border of all things.

I wasn't referring to blackspeak but to the handicap of a deep-fried Southern or Texas accent, well-known to signal cognitive deficiency in the view of far too many provincial Yankees and helpless urbanites. With the exception of Harry Reid, there are few public figures who would admit to making that instinctive connection with a black dialect.

Tom said...

I like Perry, but I'm afraid his self-inflicted injuries go too deep for many.

I also like Walker a lot. He's currently my first choice.

E Hines said...

I knew what you meant, T; I was teasing you and ragging on the bitter, clingy old man who sits in a Senator's seat.

As to the appropriation, let Obama explain his veto. It'd also be amusing to hear Reid's excuses for not allowing to come to a Senate vote.

Eric Hines

Anonymous said...

Perry was known to be a brilliant campaigner. He was so off his game in 2012 I figured he was effected by his meds from back surgery. He's still one of my favorites.

Scott Walker's done a spectacular job in a difficult state.

Still, Cruz is so damn smart and well-spoken. He is easily the most cool under fire I've ever seen. That might be more important than anything else.

Personally I think the fix is in but if there's a chance to get an honest politician in the White House he's going to have to dodge very heavy fire from all sides, including his back. Plus he's got to have the nerve to stay on offense regardless. I think Cruz has shown he can do that. I thought Walker too, until his abortion backpedal. I don't feel as confident that Perry wouldn't backoff.


douglas said...

Well, it seems I am but one of many Walker fans here. Perry would be fine with me, and I think Cruz isn't as saddled with his caricature as people might think. Any of them are better by miles than Hillary.

Texan99 said...

Walker, Perry, Cruz: I'd be happy with any of them.