"A question foremost on everyone's lips"

An article summarizing trends in the Guardian quotes the burning issues posed by the thinking class, including the exasperation of a professional lesbian over the growing interest in same-sex marriage.  Who needs marriage, anyway?  "Same-sex marriage fits comfortably within the conservative ideology of the self-sufficient family and contributes to the politics of state austerity."  Totally, and what's more:
"Isn’t marriage merely a clever ploy to keep us quiet about the trickier issues such as the deportation of lesbian asylum seekers?"
The scales have fallen from my eyes.

H/t Maggie's Farm.


Grim said...

It's kept me from worrying about that issue at all. Although I suppose I'd be happy to accept every lesbian asylum seeker in return for an agreement on the sanctity of marriage.

raven said...

There are sleep aids available over the counter if you find yourself up late worrying about it.