The speech, translated

Richard Fernandez of Belmont Club channels the President at West Point:
Those who argue otherwise — are either misreading history or engaged in partisan politics – or simply remember what I promised only 5 years ago and are holding me up to my promises. For it's true I promised to reach out to the Islamic World, win Afghanistan, stabilize the Middle East, and reset the relationship with Russia. None of that happened, because I’m playing the Long Game. You thought success would look different. I’m saying you’re not smart enough to realize what success is.
. . . Inside every Islamic extremist is a nice guy just waiting for a payoff. Today, as part of this effort, I am calling on Congress to support a new counterterrorism partnerships fund of up to $5 billion, because I need a slush fund to keep doing whatever we weren’t doing that night in Benghazi.
. . . With the additional resources I’m announcing today, we will step up our efforts to support Syria’s neighbors — Jordan and Lebanon, Turkey and Iraq — in order to spread the trouble there. That way the solution, when it comes, will not be piecemeal but comprehensive. We must not create more enemies than we take off the battlefield. Nor must we help our allies when sucking up to our enemies will work just as well.
. . . NATO was the strongest alliance the world, made up mostly of us. Now that I’ve taken out the “us” we have more room for diplomacy. You see, we have to talk. We can’t fight any more. That’s why you owe me one. I’ve saved your life. Never again will you have to take to the battlefield. There’s no point. With any luck you’ll just have work as props from now on. To sit in front of me when I talk, to stand behind me when I talk. American influence is always stronger when we lead by example. Let’s show everyone that there’s no enemy, no danger, no peril we can’t run away from or try to buy off.


Grim said...

"We have decided to follow a path well trodden by the great civilizations of old, such as Rome: we shall continue to demand cultural hegemony and the leadership of the world, while outsourcing more and more of the actual fighting from our own citizens to foreigners who can be persuaded to do it if we transfer to them arms, wealth, and training. This time, somehow, it will work out better."

DL Sly said...

"Let’s show everyone that there’s no enemy, no danger, no peril we can’t run away from..."

Brave, brave Sir Robin, brave Sir Robin ran away.
He swiftly ran away...


My disgust at this "guy" grows so much every day that I can barely see straight sometimes.

Ymar Sakar said...

Wait until people see what else the LEft has in store for them. I can see it, but that requires thinking outside the box.

Anonymous said...

DL Sly - excellent Monty Python reference. Sadly it works too well here.