Evening up the playing field

Here's one way to ensure that the Second Amendment's purpose of equalizing the power between the government and citizens is not undermined:  Olympic Arms is refusing to do any further business with New York government officials.  If you're a private citizen of New York who tried to order a gun from Olympic Arms, they'll refund your purchase price, ship the guns immediately to an out-of-state location for your pickup, or hold them for six months while you make arrangements to move to a saner state.


E Hines said...

Works for me. The Gateway Pundit article is updated with a (hopefully growing) list of fellow boycotters.

Sadly, not all New York police departments are down with Cuomo's nonsense, but I don't know an economical and accurate way to sort them out.

Eric Hines

Texan99 said...

They could self-identify if they want to buy Olympic Arms.