Grand Slam

Yesterday I watched a few minutes of the Reds/Giants game. I happened to be watching when Georgia native "Buster" Posey stepped up to the plate, with the bases loaded, and saw a big fat beautiful pitch come to him that he knew exactly what to do with.

My guess is that Mitt Romney has a similar feeling this morning.
The new fight erupted when top President Barack Obama's aide Stephanie Cutter said on CNN that the September 11 attack on the US consulate in Benghazi only became a "political topic" because it was exploited by Romney....

"I think today we got another indication of how President Obama and his campaign fail to grasp the seriousness of the challenges that we face here in America," Romney said at a rally in North Carolina.

The Republican nominee went on to quote Cutter's remarks, before turning them against the president.

"No, President Obama, it's an issue because this is the first time in thirty-three years that a United States Ambassador has been assassinated.

"Mr President, this is an issue because we were attacked successfully by terrorists on the anniversary of 9/11.

"President Obama, this is an issue because Americans wonder why it was it took so long for you and your administration to admit that this was a terrorist attack," Romney said, demanding "serious answers" for the American people.
Yeah, that's right. That's just how you hit the ball.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think President Obama thinks 4 dead Americans are any more important than 300 dead Mexicans.

If BO gets re-elected, he will be impeached.