Civil War Buff Disarms Knife-Wielding Robber

So says the headline... but note that they mean the English Civil War.
Mr Thompson, a member of the Sealed Knot, grabbed the robber’s hand and dragged him over the shop counter. The grandfather wrenched the knife from the man’s hand and then pinned him to the counter while the shopkeeper dialled 999.

During the brawl, the masked robber drew a second knife – but Mr Thompson disarmed him again before pinning him to the floor and waiting for police.
Well done, Cavalier.


Eric Blair said...

I was going to say "How do you know he's not a round head?" Then I saw the photo.

bthun said...

Heheh. Disarmed not just once, but twice.

IMHO, the robber needs to avail himself of any votech opportunities while he resides in the hoosegow. Armed robbery ain't in his wheelhouse.

douglas said...

Well, if he ever got any guff for 'playing around with this re-enactor stuff', I'm sure that's done.