No idle hands

This pattern is absorbing me as thoroughly as the golden Ring in Frodo's head:  day or night, all I want to do lately is crochet it.  When I finish a length sufficient for a bedskirt in this thick "bedspread weight" thread, I think I'll start a new one in a very fine thread, to edge the pillowcases with.


raven said...

Nice work!

MikeD said...

It's beautiful, but I will say from personal experience, I hate sleeping on lace lined pillows.

douglas said...

The dimensionality of that pattern is quite striking. I really like that it is not solely about the fine detail of the lacework, but has also a more graphic quality to read at greater distance. A more complete design for a lace pattern, than I've seen in the past.

Enjoy the meditative moments producing the rest of that piece.