I want one right now.

H/t: oh, you know. Just go over to Rocket Science and click on all the links today. It's a good batch.


bthun said...


I would like to be able to look closely at the articulating mechanism of his PVC beasts.
Unfortunately I find that the only link I have to "rocket science" is to the blog. Would you be so kind as to post the link to Rocket Science?

Thanks in advance.

Grim said...

It can be added to your links section on the sidebar, along with the other links I am expecting you to produce. :)

Texan99 said...

Yes, thanks for reminding me!

bthun, that's the right website. I found the link in the March 24 "I've got your missing links . . ." posting, quoted as "Wind-powered kinetic sculptures crawl down a beach and take my breath away." Be sure to check out the "Not a caterpillar" link, too.

douglas said...

Oh, I've seen these before and they are amazing. I'd really love to see them in person. Can yo imagine what he was dreaming about when he looked at the windmills as a kid? Maybe something like what he created.

Started looking around a little, and it turns out if you want one, you can have one for a mere $100- it's a few inches long, but does work!

There was a BMW commercial once, featuring Theo Jansen. I liked that it showed some of his sketching and working a prototype.