Miss 'em both

The comments below got started on the good that Roger Miller can do for your mood. Here's a guaranteed pick-me-up with Roger Miller and Johnny Cash goofing together on stage.


DL Sly said...

Since I started it, I figure I oughta make sure you don't forget about this guy, or his peeps may soon come 'round lookin' for a reckonin'.

bthun said...

Very nice DL! Thanks for the posting the forum Tex.

Now, since I'm the beneficiary of the mood boost from your first post DL, you Sly rascal you, and have enjoyed the the music posted at Boar's-Head Tavern where M'lady's Villainous Company congregates...

*the hun looks at his watch then at his old claw grasping the icy beer which helps him select a tune appropriate to the time of day*

I'll link this little ditty by a couple of masters for your listening pleasure.


DL Sly said...

Thank you for that, b. My Pop loved, so naturally introduced to me when I was in diapers, (his) cowboy boots and hat, both Jerry and Chet -- I can't tell you how many Chet Atkins records I heard every Saturday from 10-1 during family *field day*. And I don't know if it's some kind of Pavlov's response, but hearing this song along with the album gives me a strongest urge to clean the house.