Gunn, With Occasional Music

So, you folks from the '80s:  Blues Brothers, or Spy Hunter?

Actually, it's from the '50s, originally by Henry Mancini.

You probably know the two songs he does here, too:


Joseph W. said...

Uniting your themes of the last week, how about a Greek take on a lovely Scots song?

E Hines said...

Universally, I liked the '50s versions better. Maybe I'm just a sucker for the music on which I grew up.

I will point out, though, with the Del-Tones as an example, the more successful soloists and groups were those who looked like they actually were having fun with what they were doing, rather than just standing on the stage filling a square.

Eric Hines

Anonymous said...

I'm so far out of pop culture that all I know is the original Heny Mancini. Ah, baby elephants and "Hatari"!

DL Sly said...

My personal fav is the original Henry Mancini version, but that may be because that's the score we played in band long ago and far away.