A Bit of Snow

A Bit of Snow:

We had a bit of snow over the weekend:

One of the hazards of hanging out with an artist is that she will be overcome with the need to take pictures when there's work to be done -- like moving three days' worth of firewood into the house. "Oh, this would make a great picture!"

Well, hopefully it did. Thanks to Rappahannock Electric, who managed to get our power back on within 24 hours of it going out even though they had to spread their emergency teams over sixteen counties. It's been the most restful day I can easily remember, in spite of carrying wood, clearing ice, salting walks and melting snow for cooking and washing dishes: it's the first day I haven't worked or felt the need to work in three years, weekends and holidays included. Since there was no possibilty of working, there was no sense of guilt for not working.

A good day or two, all the way around.

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